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Bamboo Cups – Are They Worth It? 7 Facts Before You Buy

Before you invest in bamboo fiber mugs, consider seven facts about the Bamboo coffee cups gaining popularity. Let’s find out are bamboo mugs worth it or not. A reusable coffee cup such as a bamboo coffee mug is a good alternative for people concerned about the problems throwaway coffee cups have on the environment.

For hundreds of years by people from many cultures, bamboo has been used for drinking water, juices, teas, and other beverages. Bamboo cups are readily available, hardy, and easy to make, making them a cheap alternative. For environmentally-conscious people like it, they are a perfect addition to other reusable products you are investing in, and also they can make a great conversation piece.

How Are Bamboo Cups Composed?

Bamboo is the largest growing crop worldwide and is highly bio-degradable—the bamboo fiber mugs comprised of bamboo, resin and non-GMO corn starch. Moreover, the lid of the bamboo cups is either composed of the same materials or silicone. First, the manufacturers add corn starch and bamboo fibers to form a paste. Then they stalk and husk of the bamboo, making it in a refined form and made into a fibrous pulp.  After this step it is mixed with resin, and a get a soft dough.

Finally, a resin is added with melamine, making it hard, durable, able to withstand high temperatures and ensure food safety. Also, the cup goes into a heat press mold for shape formation and is sanded, polished, coated and bespoke artwork.

Reducing Unnecessary Waste

Getting a reusable bamboo cup for yourself reduces the amount of waste you create every day. There are different types of bamboo coffee cups available for people who are eco conscious. These cups are biodegradable, durable, and resuable, making them absorbale into the earth after about a year in the soil, reducing unnecessary waste sitting in trash dumps.

Most Bamboo Coffee Mugs Are Dishwasher Safe

Usually, people ask are bamboo mugs are dishwasher safe?  Most of them are dishwasher safe. The resin present in the cups makes them highly durable and allows them to handle the heat.  So, you can reuse cups without any worries.

Don’t Put The Bamboo Eco Mug In The Microwave Oven

They are not microwaved friendly, which means that putting bamboo mugs in the microwave oven causes hot spots and cracking and will damage the cups as they contain melamine binder, which softens and cause the cup to warp.

Bamboo Cups Can Save you money

The primary advantage of using these mugs is that it saves money, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee without spending more moneythat you spend on a new cup regularly.

Reduces Deforestation

Disposable cup requires many trees to cut down as they are composed of paper, which contributes to the worldwide deforestation problem. So, for environmentally friendly people, purchasing reusable bamboo coffee cups is a great choice.

Keeps Billions Of Cups Out Of Landfills

disposable coffee cups are tossed into landfills. So, witching reusable bamboo cups can help to significantly reduce the number of coffee cups in overflowing landfills worldwide.

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