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Best Dinnerware for Kids

Plastic-made items are usually notorious for health safety; be it plastic water bottles, and plastic plates. Plastic is not safe even for kids. Usually what happens is that, despite knowing everything, we still adhere to the use of plastics in daily life, the only reason is, it’s affordable and doesn’t break easily.

Why we don’t fathom it as budget-friendly, but not eco–friendly. Don’t you think, it’s time to swap for some better and safe option when it comes to considering buying crockery for kids? What about Bamboo, melamine, and fiber mugs?

Here I am going to break down few useful suggestions for kid’s dinnerware;

Melamine Plate

If I describe melamine plate in simple words, then it’s just a harder plastic with harsh chemicals. This material is not biodegradable, and leaking toxins issues doesn’t even escape, yet it exists for a longer time, and unless specified, it won’t be allowed to use in dishwasher.

Then why do people sear for it, recommend, or buy it? Because melamine can be taken as a sister material of plastic. The tough consistency enables it to get molded into different items that are intended to style like ceramic plates and bowls.

It’s appealing, yet unbreakable. But from a biodegradable perspective, it is still plastic, did you understand the strategy behind it – “ITS PLASTIC”

Bamboo Dinnerware

Coming to bamboo, then bamboo is widely demanded in form of bamboo fiber mugs and bamboo dinnerware. Well, the central feature of this material is, it’s BPA and Phthalates free (other names of dodgy chemicals), and it doesn’t contain any kind of toxin.

Secondly, the bamboo is biodegradable!! That is a hell yes for the planet and your children will thank you later on. With innovation, Bamboo items have now gotten more available so along these lines lower in cost. These variables settle on it an optimal decision for youngsters and families.

Still, Considering PLASTIC? It can be recommended because.

Plastic is cheap, yet in quality when it comes to using it to feed your kids. Though it can be useful as disposable plastic cups, or plates outside when no proper cutlery is available, or you’re running out of enough water supply for home use, but it can’t be recommended for kid’s dinnerware.

Besides, except if it is checked dishwasher safe (not many are) you need to wash the thing by hand. Who possesses energy for that? Plastic might be the least expensive alternative however modest unmistakably includes some significant pitfalls.

What is Highly Recommendable to Look for Kid’s Dinnerware?

The bamboo dinnerware and bamboo fiber mugs by suppliers are amazing. They own an extensive collection of super-quality bamboo plates, bowls, cups, and dinner sets which the majority of people use at home.

The quality features of this material include;

  • It’s dishwasher safe
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It comes in a stunning, simple color palate
  • Designed in decent way kids will love even grow out of overtime
  • All pieces are planned so you can add a little at a time or purchase a ton without a moment’s delay
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