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Want To Know About Bamboo Fiber Mugs With Screw Lids?

The bamboo fiber is made utilizing groundbreaking innovation which extricates cellulose in bamboo and is made of blended plant fiber. Since bamboo needn’t bother with compound composts for productive and smooth development, in this way it’s wealthy in enemy of bug and hostile to bacterial properties, which helps in staying away from different sorts of contamination.

Not only bamboo fiber mugs, but entire crockery and cutlery stuff, or tableware would be best because it has some notable advantages to offer as well like;

Durable & Reusable

With regards to searching for profoundly solid and reusable drinking cups, at that point what can be more helpful than bamboo cups which is practically central to treated steel cups as far as accommodation


The bamboo fiber cups or muds are effectively launderable like different cups. The solitary thing to be cautious about is, dry out bamboo cups without keeping them on hold after washing because the dampness develops inside the cups may break down the quality and sturdiness of bamboo cups.

Non-poisonous & BPA free

Most plastics in the current market are made utilizing a modern synthetic known as BPA. It frames a feeble intermolecular bond with polycarbonates which brings about filtering BPA into fluids or water when it is poured with any hot refreshments.

Particularly Durable

Bamboo cups are non-noxious, BPA and Phthalate free cups which will not reason any aggravation or prosperity possibilities.

Is Bamboo Fiber Mug Worth Using?

As far as bamboo fiber mug with screw lid si concerned, so we all know what a bamboo fiber mug is, but many people raise questions when it comes to talking about bamboo fiber mug with screw lid. So, today we’ll talk about major tips on this product, along with a few questions and answers.

What’s the Material?

It is made from bamboo, corn starch, and food-grade melamine. It can pass LFGB & RoHS test so it is safe. It can be made with Pantone solid colors, or patterns and logo can also be printed. In fact, in bamboo fabric cups you can also print your brand name on the bottom.

Does the lid take off easily?

The lid can be easily open. There’s a small hole on the spill stopper or on the lid which will be stuck without this hole while with hot water.

Does it leak or not?

Since the lid is not sealed completely due to the hole we mentioned before. The water will not leak from the edge, but from the hole, if you put it upside down, so there are chances liquid might leak off. I won’t suggest put in your bag while traveling. you can bring out in a car or while walk, or put it in the car

Does it keep the drink warm or long?

The room temperature today is 15 degrees. Test it yourself, put a bamboo fiber cup with hot water, you will notice the drastic temperature change; after an hour the water temperature would be 49 degrees, and 60 minutes later, it will be 38 degrees.

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