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What is the best alternative to plastic dinnerware?

People who love to party and do events usually use plastic plates and tableware because our environment is polluting and causing pollution. In a social gathering, people want to have the best food service, which can be done with the help of bamboo fiber tableware suppliers as they will provide you the best and excellent quality of serving platter.

So, instead of using plastic or paper dinnerware, we should go for bamboo dinnerware that is eco-friendly and ensure you that there will be no harm to the surrounding. This tableware is natural, chemical-free, and biodegradable, which distinguishes it from other dinnerware.

The best alternative to plastic plates

Here is the list of suggested Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates that can use as an alternative to plastic plates.

  1. Disposable Bamboo Plates:

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants globally as its vegetation quickly renews itself in a few months. Moreover, it produces 35% of oxygen in the environment and reduces carbon dioxide from the environment, making it the best alternative to paper and plastic plates. People cut thousands of trees to produce paper plates, which is the core reason for deforestation, which shows that paper plates are also unhealthy for the environment.

These are solid and durable plates. The process of bamboo plate making involves sheath, boiling, pressing, and bonding with the help of eco-friendly glue. According to bamboo fiber tableware suppliers, they can easily hold both liquid and solid food and are supremely eco-friendly. Further, they do not need any chemicals as bamboo plates are chemical-free plates. Through comparison, they are higher in cost and are worth as a substitute to plastic plates.

  1. Palm Leaf Plates:

Areca Palm Leaf plates are mainly sued at parties convenient and easy to use in dinnerware and kitchenware. They are unique, 100% natural, and compostable. Moreover, these plates have a unique pattern on them and are stylish and affordable.

Palm leaf plates are handmade and beautifully textured. They have collected from palm trees and undergo hydro pressure cleaning, and then it is heat pressed by a mold. Afterward, it is trimmed on the edges. These palm leaves are available in various sizes and are of different shapes.

  1. Bagasse Plates/ Sugarcane Plates:

The fiber of sugarcane plates is taken from bagasse, and it is full of juices. They are the most sustainable, biodegradable, easily decomposable, and disposable dishes. They are not enough to carry a large amount of food, but they are stronger than paper plates.  Sugarcane plates are ideal for are for intimate parties with family and friends and perfect for small gatherings. It is suitable for serving finger dishes and deserts. Also, it is microwave prove up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Biodegradable Polypropylene:

These biodegradable polypropylene environment-friendly plates allow to break down faster than plastic. On average, these biodegradable plates need two to five years to decompose and are highly eco-friendly, unlike plastic which causes pollution and is not a biodegradable substance.

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