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Why Bamboo Is the Safest Material For Consumption?

Why Bamboo Is the Safest Material For Consumption?

Bamboo cup – the eco-friendly cup!

Below a shadow of any doubt, bamboo cups are a growing trend all over the globe. Well, bamboo cups are particularly designed to be used once and then thrown away. YES! They can be recycled and decomposed. Bamboo is indisputably the best alternative to plastic that grows incredibly fast. Since it’s a plant, not a tree, it doesn’t die when cut down. So, neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are needed for growing the bamboo, hence a myriad of bamboo cups are naturally organic. They are strong, resilient, and exceedingly versatile. The bamboo fiber coffee cup can also be transformed into beautiful and trendy coffee cups.

How are bamboo cups manufactured?

These cups are made with bamboo fibers for the formation of paste, which is then mixed with resin. Melamine is usually added as a binder to make sure the product is suitable and durable to withstand large temperature range. Bamboo is an organic material that’s particularly used for the manufacturing of plastics. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Bamboo is an exceedingly safe alternative because it usually doesn’t migrate into the food.

Benefits Of Bamboo

Reusable/zero waste: This cup can be used again and again and can last for years and years to come. Imagine saving all the disposable cups so that you can have at least one reusable bamboo cup with you. And once your cup has completed the service, it becomes completely biodegradable. No waste’s generated.

Made of renewable bamboo – This is an organic and renewable material. These plants grow at least one meter every day and don’t die when cut, so it’s an exceedingly sustainable resource. Corn starch is a biodegradable and natural material.

Trendy designs – The bamboo cups are available in a plethora of beautiful colors and designs. The colors are usually bright and clear but earthy and muted. They look natural and trendy. Now is the time to start your day with a motivational thought!

Odor-free and taste-neutral – There is no way that you can smell strange and artificial odor after unpacking the bamboo cup. Bamboo is completely free from pesticides and other kinds of chemicals. Certain products don’t contain BPA or other types of phthalates that ends up giving your cup a strange taste of chemical. Remove all that, and you’ll smell nothing.

High-quality sleeve included – The bamboo cup is an exceedingly safe alternative for both hot and soft drinks. However, it’s not isolated so never keep your tea hot for hours and hours. This has a protective sleeve that usually comes with a package. This sleeve has a sealing ring that’s often made with silicone.

Is it possible to microwave bamboo cups, and are they dishwasher safe?

Certainly, bamboo cups are dishwasher safe but they do not microwave safe. Please ensure not to put the cup inside the microwave as the heat causes the bamboo to migrate into the drink.


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