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Why Bamboo melamine Is The Safest Material For Drinking?

All over the globe, Bamboo Melamine Tableware is trending and growing. This tableware is highly beneficial and can be decomposed and recycled, and are the best alternative to plastic dinnerware.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing crop globally and does not require ant pesticide and chemical fertilizers for growth, making it highly beneficial and safe to use. Nowadays, people are making cups, plates, and different melamine crockery. Here we will discuss the bamboo melamine cups.

Bamboo melamine cups are firm, exceedingly versatile, and resilient. They are one of the trending coffee cups these days. Let’s look at how these cups are manufactured and what are its advantages.

How Are Bamboo Cups Manufactured?

The bamboo cups are composed of bamboo fibers for paste, which then combine with resin. Melamine is added to these cups as a binder, making the cups more durable and reliable for high-temperature ranges. Bamboo is a natural and organic substance and is an exceedingly safe substitute for plastic because it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Benefits Of Bamboo

Bamboo Melamine Tableware is highly beneficial and safe to use as bamboo is a natural growing crop that releases 35% of oxygen in the atmosphere and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide from the environment, making it an environmentally friendly substance to use. Here are some benefits of bamboo.

Reusable/zero waste: these cups are highly versatile and are recycled because of the unique combination without having harmful effects. You can use these cups again without any problem. Also, these cups are biodegradable, making them highly eco-friendly as they prevent landfills, and waste is generated.

They are renewable bamboo –  bamboo cups are renewable and organic substances and rarely grown naturally without fertilizers and chemicals, so it’s an exceedingly sustainable resource. Then also involve corn starch which is also biodegradable and natural material.

Trendy designs – these cups are beautiful and versatile and available in lots of colorful designs and unique patterns. So, they are perfect for your kitchen and restaurants. They come in bright and earthy and muted colors and give a natural look, making them more appealing.

Odor-free and taste-neutral – these bamboo cups are odor-free, which means that they do not contain chemicals or substances that smell strange and annoying. As they are chemical-free and BPA-free, they have a natural odor, unlike the plastic cups that have an unusual smell, making the food stings.

High-quality sleeve included – The bamboo cup is safe to use and suitable for hot and soft drinks. However, you can not microwave it or keep the hot drink for hours and hours. It comprises safe sleeves with a sealing ring composed of silicone. So, these cups are safe to use.

Are they dishwasher safe?

These cups are dishwasher save because of the unique composition. You can wash the bamboo cups with mild soap and use them again, but they do not microwave safe as they contain melamine which might release toxic chemicals when encountering a very high temperature.

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