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About Us

About Us

Bamb Magic Brand belongs to Shanghai Naga Plastic Co., Ltd, as the name implies, it means that Bamboo works its magic to the human’s health and environmental protective, from the final make our earth more green, young and energetic.

We think about how to give more comprehensive care for the most important person. We mainly produce cuddly table-wares for kids, modern designed housewares and home decorations for families.

In general, we provide OEM/ODM service for customers around the world.

Someone will ask “ What’s the advantage of Bamboo nature raw material? Why should we choose it.“

The reason is that Sustainable, Durable, Reusable, reusable, and BPA free, Phthalate free, and also Dishwasher safe. Bamboo fiber raw material was compounded with  bamboo powder,  Starch,  Resin and colorant.

This is why we are committed to promote the Eco-friendly material namely bamboo fiber for household day-lay life use.

Our primary goal is making use of eco-friendly material which is reusable from the source, as far as possible, choose Eco-Housewares instead of petroleum or we say it is plastic products, reduce the pollution caused by plastic for the earth, and we hope everyone can be environmental activist in our life.

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